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Bao Bei is a unique restaurant in Chinatown that cultivates simple intimate dining experiences by providing small plates meant to be shared amongst a close group of friends and family. Influences are taken from Taiwan and Shanghai as well as the Sichuan province but we continue to look for ideas and inspiration to keep the flavours true but to take a more modern approach to Chinese cuisine.  We also love a good stiff cocktail and a nice glass of pinot noir to go with our food so we’ve taken great care to create distinctive libations and to curate a nice little list of wines for you.

What does Bao Bei mean?
It means ‘precious’ and can be used in conversation referring to anything that has special significance to that person. ie: “Dude, this new car is my bao bei!”

Do you accept reservations?
No, it’s first come first serve for everyone so we recommend coming by at your earliest convenience to minimize your chance of having to wait.  All the members of your party must be present in order to be seated.

Do you book large parties?
For larger parties of 8 – 10 (12 if you don’t mind being cozy) we provide a $35, $40, or $45 tasting menu at the family table which is available for an early or later seating. Please inquire for availability. A credit card number is required to hold the table. Buyouts are available for private functions. Please email us for more info.

Is there a place for us to wait for table?
There is a 12 seat bar and a lounge that we can seat you at for a cocktail and/or snack before something opens up in the dining area. Please keep in mind we need your entire party present in order to seat them.

Are you peanut allergy friendly?
I’m sorry! If your allergy is severe we cannot guarantee that the food has not been contaminated with peanuts.

Are you vegetarian/vegan friendly?
Yes, our menu items can easily be adjusted to be meat free like the squid and the sticky rice cakes and there is very little dairy or eggs on the menu.

Are you gluten free friendly?
Actually this is a hard one for us because soy sauce is fermented with wheat and it is a primary ingredient in most of the menu. That being said if you are okay in having a limited choice we can leave out the soy sauce and there is definitely some delicious items you can enjoy without wheat.

Do you use MSG?
No! Never!

Can I have a good conscience eating your food?
Absolutely, our seafood is sustainable, all the meat is hormone free and organic, and eggs are free range.

Is there parking?
There is an abundance of parking with 2 parking lots on the block and plenty of street parking